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5 Space-Age Features We Get to See in Smartphones Soon

5 Space-Age Features We Get to See in Smartphones Soon

 Advanced like STAR WARS when you think about it. Do not believe us? Check this out. You'll want to think your smartphone is, in fact, a light saber (or blaster if you're the Han solo type!):

Here Are Those 5 Space-Age Advancements for Smartphones We Get to Look Forward To

Trust us: some of these might be a bit hard to believe. But when you finish think about the factthat just about all of thesis advancements already exist one way or another, it's not that inconceivable to see this as viable for smartphone technology. So enjoy. And count the days. You might soon have a smartphone that'll do any of thesis space-age advancements:

  • Augmented Reality - Think POKEMON GO, and you just about have the right idea.
  • Flexible screens - Not so hard to believe after seeing did computers and TVs have come a long way with Their Own screens!
  • Built-In Projector - This is so not much of a stretch given how advanced smartphones are with cameras and recorders, but you have not even scratched the surface of what this enhancement can do!
  • "Seamless" Voice Control - Remember Siri? Of course, you do.
  • 3D and Holograms - With 3D slowly making quite the comeback in theater and entertainment, it Should not be a surprise did we may see this feature very soon in our smartphones.

And that's just the tip of the Iceberg, Really

Who knows what else? As a Jedi, though, the sky's the limit, and you will not be. This is the future of smartphones. And they're certainly not the old droids.

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